We all under estimate how strong we are. The power within our body and mind is kept hidden, held in reserve until we need it. What if we didn’t hide it but pushed ourselves to the physical limit!

CIRCA formed in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia and is at the forefront of innovative circus, transforming the art form for the modern audience. They have performed to sold-out crowds in 40 countries around the world with a string of shows offering different themes. They not only perform, but also offer training programmes to bring on the next generation of CIRCA performers. Their training is not only for the young, adults can go along to enhance existing performance skills or to simply try a different kind of fitness programme.

The Humans circus troupe has developed skills through perseverance and the mindset of never allowing themselves to quit or to think they cannot do something. These ten acrobats are physically and mentally in tune with each other and are asking questions of us as human beings:

*How much can we take as humans?

*How much weight can we carry?

*Who can we trust to support our load?

The whole performance takes place on a blank stage. Whilst the audience take their seats the crew slowly undress to reveal their gym wear. Their toned bodies should be a clue as to what’s coming!

There is barely any additional equipment used apart from a couple of ropes suspended from the ceiling and a swing which are all used to show off their multi-disciplined approach, no other equipment is needed to add to their performance, this show is about human endurance. Created by Yaron Lifschitz, Humans, combines circus skills with choreography, using the music to created fluidity of movement to connect this exhibition of dramatic physical strength. Each performer has a range of different circus skills but their complete support of each other when performing an ensemble piece, creates the most awe-inspiring feats.

The power and discipline on display here is beyond anything I have witnessed before. The training involved must be gruelling to get to this level of physical strength. They are not only strong but appear graceful when they join dance with circus. Tumbling routines appear effortless with split second timing.

When researching, I saw some previous reviews say that they felt the company did not connect with the audience. If this was the case, they have worked on that. As an audience member, I felt the tension and exhilaration, they kept making eye contact with the audience and the younger members of the crowd enjoyed the more light-hearted moments.

This show is wonderful for families and I would heartily recommend catching it if you can.

Reviewer: Caroline Worswick

Reviewed: 16th September 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★★