This 40-minute mesmerizing show is realized and performed by Dasha Rush and Stanislav Glazov. It was first performed at the Mutek Festival in Canada as is the second time Dasha and Stanislav have worked together. Their previous work was Antarctic Takt, which was a single layer projection performance.


Dasha provides the atmospheric music for this show with Stanislav providing the amazing and majestic kaleidoscope of visuals. The show is a combination of pre-recorded and live improvisations.


The visuals at times are almost hypnotic as they try to show how Black Holes develop with a series of explosions and collisions. The show uses some strobe lighting as well as the flashing lights and the sounds are of a fairly high volume at times causing your chair to lightly vibrate. The whole effect is loosely based on scientific data, and aims to visualize silence.



The use of a gauze in front of a screen gives the performance a 3D effect without the need for 3D glasses. The visuals are produced with the aid of a software called Touch Designer that has been developed by Stanislav to work in real time, thereby allowing the live improvisations. The key element of the live improvisations is that mistakes can happen and the effect from these can be either beautiful or not work, and no-one knows which it will be until if when they happen including the performers.


Dasha and Stanislav are currently working on developing a static installation that will allow you to enter a black hole and spend as long as you wish experiencing the sights and sounds which will be run on a loop.


Following the performance, the audience were treated to a question and answer session with the performers, which gave an insight into how the whole project was developed.


This is definitely a show for those who can allow their mind to wander and in the words of Dasha escape from reality. Another project that Dasha and Stanislav are working on is to bring their production of Antarctica Takt to a full dome theatre.


Reviewer: Cory Coxon

Reviewed: 28th January 2017