Oh, What a Night! If you love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and think that the cast of popular West End Musical Jersey Boys are the best thing since sliced bread, then "Let's Hang On!", a tribute bands to excel any other Four Seasons tribute band, will blow your socks off!

These guys deliver hit after hit from opening song, ironically enough LET'S HANG ON, to encore of, yep you guessed it, LET'S HANG ON, you will be Beggin' for more by the end of the show!

With an authentic sound and look and a non-stop chart topper such as GREASE, BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY, RAG DOLL, SHERRY, WHO LOVES YOU, WORKING MY WAY BACK TO YOU, CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OF YOU and WALK LIKE A MAN, it's no wonder their shows are a sell out!

Frankie Valli had both a successful career as front man of the Four Seasons, but as a solo artist and continues to perform even today, despite being in his eighties! The band had sales of 150 million records, 20 Top Ten hits (only 20 with their long list of popular songs?! They were robbed I tell you!), 8 number ones and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let's Hang On have been lucky enough to meet the legend himself, and yes, he is a big fan of their tribute to his legacy!

Like Jersey Boy's, the show also gives you some of the history of the band along with several costume changes.

Unfortunately there was no literature given out and after speaking to the audience I learnt that the Frankie of the group has only recently taken over the role, so even if I were to find out online, I cannot be 100% accurate with band member names, and despite asking the band directly on social media, I am still left in the dark. However it is impossible to single out a single member as each one shone.

The guys have a website which I've spent the last few days literally hooked on. I am excited at the page stating that merchandise is coming soon, which one would imagine will include CDs, which I and last night’s sold out audience eagerly await.

I heard murmurs of possible lip syncing being involved in last night’s performance - which I wouldn't think would be the case in such a high calibre show with minimal high energy dance routines, however if that was the case I still felt the show was amazing and well worth seeing.

The guys have an excellent fan base and within five minutes into the second half, a large proportion of the audience were in the isles singing and dancing along. The atmosphere was something I have never experienced in years of seeing shows and bands. I may not have been around when the songs were in the charts, but last night I felt like I had and that it was a part of my history as I was swept along the nostalgic night! The guys are currently touring the UK and have previously played at this venue. I hope they return again soon - this is one RED HOT ticket not to be missed!

Reviewer: Lottie Davis-Browne

Reviewed: 23rd January 2016