Adapted from the critically acclaimed 2001 film, Amélie stops in London at New Wimbledon Theatre after its UK debut at the Watermill Theatre in April. Directed by Micheal Fentiman, the musical transports us to the bustling streets of late 90s Paris where we are treated to what is a simply exquisite collection of songs by Nathan Tysen and Daniel Messé.

Educated from home and given as little stimulation as possible, Amélie (Audrey Brisson) has grown up inside her own imagination, full of curiosity but remains keeping to herself. Inspired by the death of Princess Diana, our brilliant protagonist starts to orchestrate the lives of those around her by making acts of kindness. But to find her own happiness, she must take risks and let herself be found.

A pint-sized powerhouse, Brisson expertly captures every nuance of the beloved lead’s eccentric yet passionate personality. Her performance of ‘Stay’ is absolutely gorgeous, with the lyrics sliding out like butter. Brisson truly encapsulates the character, with all her overt physicality and expression of wonder. Danny Mac is fantastic as Nino, boasting an impressive voice and convincing portrayal as a struggling man longing for fulfilment.

Embracing pure talent, this cast is made up of a strong ensemble of actor-musicians who are undeniably tight. The live music is woven throughout the action and creates the perfect ambience for this friendly, fun and heart-warming show. Caolan McCarthy provides superb comedy that contribute to touchingly comical moments and Kate Robson-Stuart is marvellous as Suzanne.

Madeleine Girling’s design is delightful. Her versatile set enables great dynamics and embraces the sensationalism of the story. Adding to the spectacle, Tom Jackson Greaves’ movement is enchanting, adding a level of physicality that is well appreciated in this fast-paced yet reassuring ambience. Collectively, the set, songs and story in this show are simply perfect.

The audience at New Wimbledon Theatre were totally in the hands of this outstanding cast, with a respectful silence throughout as we all truly fell for this beautiful musical. Lose your heart to Amélie and see this show as it tours the country- c’est magnifique!

Reviewer: Jessica Battison

Reviewed: 23rd May 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★★