“Welcome to the Cloud!

The cloud with a capital I

the data storage farm that resides in the sky.

Every song ever written

every photo ever taken

every thought ever thought

every item ever bought

it’s all here 

all accessed in a snippet

and YOU have a golden ticket”

If Siri and Alexa are your best friends, or your Fitbit seems to know more about you than you know about yourself, then this might just be the cheapest therapy session you’ve ever had! ‘MY FITBIT CALLED ME A FAT BITCH!’ explores the good, the bad and the ugly of the technological revolution. Two cloud-crossed lovers are tied to their devices, and there’s a Cloud Man waiting in the sky. Will he contrive to bring them together or drive them apart? Chuck in a shed load of other characters, some spoken word, and watch their Instagram Stories unfold!

Served to you by the same team that brought you ‘TROLLOPE’ (Winner of FRINGE PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR 2018; Northern Soul Awards) (Winner of BEST COMEDY PLAY 2018; GMFringe Awards), ‘MY FITBIT CALLED ME A FAT BITCH!’ stars Kasey Christian (Coronation Street), Simon Hallman (Trollope, The Pride) and written by and starring Ronnie Leek (Coronation Street, Brookside, 5 metre swimming badge)

The show will be on at The Kings Arms, Salford on 25th, 26th and 30th July: https://manchesterfringe.eventotron.com/?event=34636