TBL Productions are a creative collective comprised of four Drama graduates, based in Manchester. We have been working together for the last 9 months on two shows that examine mental health. As a group, we all have experienced, lived with, or known people, who suffer from metal health and we wanted to somehow showcase various aspects surrounding the cause and impact of these issues.

Both of our shows are poignant, important, tragic, thought provoking, uncomfortable and comic - everything we think a piece of Theatre should be.

Our first show ‘Little One’, by Hannah Moscovitch. A chilling psychological thriller that tells the story of adopted siblings Aaron and Claire. Aaron is only just coming to terms with the impact his adopted sister Claire has had on his life. As an adult, he reflects on his childhood with Claire who is now a patient in a Psychiatric ward in a London Hospital. With flashbacks to their childhood and an insight into their relationship as siblings, ‘Little One’ explores the effects and scars that childhood can have on our Mental Health and how eventually we all have to come to terms with our own past.

The Second show is ‘Eye Spy’, a-cycle-of-six-short-plays that tell the stories of young adults living in a tech-obsessed society. With over 17 million selfies uploaded on social media each week in the UK and the average daily time spent on social media at 124 minutes per day, we are being deemed the-selfie-obsessed generation.

Today we are hearing more and more about the connections between mental health and social media. Set in the year 2032 ‘Eye Spy’ examines the potential relationship we might have with technology in the future. Everyone is hooked on the latest, greatest and constantly updated, one and only BOOK App that is set to replace real written Books by the year 2036.The piece consists of six ten-minute mini plays. We have titled these; ‘Shit Life Musical’; ‘#MeToo’; ‘The First Eve’; ‘The Boy in the Yellow Hat’; ‘Fame’ and ‘I am the Self in Selfie.’ Each piece examines mental health, technology and social media from a different angle, and we have created a mix of characters who bring our modern obsession with technology to life.


www.kingsarmssalford.com (June dates) & www.greatermanchesterfringe.co.uk (July Dates)


Venue 1:

The Kings Arms, Salford (19:30 – 21:45)
Tuesday 11th June
Wednesday 19th June
Wednesday 26th June

Venue 2:

Lock 91 (19:30 – 21:45)
Tuesday 9th July
Wednesday 17th July

Venue 3:

The Eagle Inn (19:30 – 21:45)
Friday 12th July
Saturday 13th July


Cast: Jasmine Walder, Sarah Lomas, Danielle Holroyd & Ross Green