They promised a show with none stop laughter and they certainly delivered with this comical variety show filler with many different kinds of humour to make everyone chuckle. All stars of comedy is a show combined with very talented and close comedians who all work closely to provide their audience with a fun evening. It is clear they have developed a huge fan base along the way of their tour. Respectively the majority of the audience as well as all the performers were from a black ethnicity which a lot of the jokes were revolved around this. I did find some of the gimmicks hard to understand having a completely different background but it's clear that the target audience were in their element and embracing every moment of this production which was lovely to see.

The show was hosted by Wayne Dibbi Rollins who certainly enjoyed every moment onstage. Wayne is a cross dresser/drag performer with such an effortless approach to his look he only needed his talent to own the stage. He arrived on the stage to music and performing some rather raunchy moves with comedy timing that completely worked. It was very trashy and bold as it should be. Being in the drag industry myself I found it interesting to see what he has done with his alter-ego which is so different to others. My hat goes off to him for creating such a brave and powerful presence to the stage.

One act of the night which I really enjoyed was Smash who is a stand-up comedian. Again nothing over the top just simplicity and his stories. The audience interaction Smash gave kept everyone on the edge of their seat wondering who he was going to pick on. His charm and wit was on point with the points he made with his time on stage.

Judi Love is a comedian that focuses on real life and things we can all relate to. A lot of her gimmicks linked to her larger framed build which went down well with the audience. What I liked in particular about Judi is that she's a down to earth woman with such a stunning personality, almost like shrews chatting to us rather than performing which created a more intimate atmosphere within the auditorium that can be hard to create especially as a comedy act.

For me the highlight was to witness different cultures unite and enjoy comedy and the audience fed from each other’s fun. I would recommend this show to anyone looking for an alternative comic experience with a lot of variety. To find out more about this company and information on further tour dates then visit their Facebook page by searching 'All stars of comedy' with remaining dates throughout October there are plenty of chances to witness this fantastic show!

Reviewed by: Jamie Greenwood

Reviewed: 9th October 2015