The renowned Central School of Ballet celebrates its 30th Anniversary of their graduate performing company Ballet Central.  This years tour kicked off in March starting at Tonbridge then continuing through 14 towns and cities for a duration of five months, with only one venue left - St. James Theatre, London (17th & 18th July) if you have not seen this years tour I highly recommend you pay them a visit in London, it is definitely worth seeing!

Featuring an array of highly skilled dancers and promising new talent, the opening performance Four accompanied on piano by Graham Fitkin, is bursting with energy and warming the audience up for what is to be an evening filled with enchanting performances that will leave the audience spellbound. I could not help but focus on one particular dancer within minutes of the opening number, Japan born Sayaka Ishibashi, whom had such grace and elegance making it look so effortless as she glided across the stage so much so that the entire audience appeared to be transfixed solely on her.

The second number was Christopher Gables beautifully choreographed interpretation of Blue Ball Pas de Deux from Cinderella with stunning costumes by Richard Gellar.  Canadian Briana Hinke & Romanian Andrei Teodor Iliescu played homage to the classic 1993 classic production of Cinderella, taking the audience through two ballroom scenes, the Winter and the Spring Ball (known as the Blue Ball), in which Cinderella and the Prince finally meet, is an emotional piece of work transporting the viewer in to one of Gable’s most hauntingly beautiful love-at-first-sight pas de Deux.  If the costumes, the chemistry between Cinderella (Hinke) and the Prince (Teodor Ilescu) & mesmerising choreography do not whisk you deep into the fairytale, the music (Phillip Feeney) sure will! 

The highlight of the show has to be the final piece entitled Scenes from a Wedding beautifully choreographed with such wit and humour by Christopher Marney.  The piece tells the story of a desperate man - Andrei Teodor Iliescu (Groom) who will happily marry the first woman whom accepts his proposal.  Although he soon finds out that she is untrustworthy and high maintenance and regrets being so quick to commit!  The piece takes you through the various stages of the wedding, from selecting the dress and cake to the actual ceremony, with stunning costumes by Richard Gellar, mesmerising choreography and a highly skilled group of dancers. 

Ballet Central definitely saved the best piece till last!  I could have easily watched this story of love and woe unfold for the full duration of the show, I feel such a beautiful piece of choreography could easily be expended to produce a full length production.  I was slightly upset by the number of empty seats - all I can say for those of you have yet to see a performance by the renowned Ballet Central is - look out for next years tour as I highly recommend it.  

Happy 30th birthday Ballet Central - I eagerly look forward to see what talented dancers the next decade brings you.

Reviewer: Lottie Davis-Browne 

Reviewed: 29th June 2015