i know all the secrets in my world is a piece of physical theatre exploring the relationship between father and son in the aftermath of the loss of the mother. It explores grief from a unique perspective, and the physical performance, punctuated only with a few words (“Dad,” “Son,” “No,” “I love you”), is so apt for a period in our lives when words are of no use.

The plot is conscientiously thought through, since the audience doesn’t hear any dialogue explaining the events. The play begins with the pair playing, jumping and dancing perfectly in synch with each other, before darkness descends and a crack literally opens up in their kitchen. The third chair at the dining table is taken and hidden away; clothes and belongings are put away in bin bags; food is left untouched. This piece is a testament to how sometimes dialogue isn’t needed, even in the theatre, and that the absence of words can enhance the power of a performance.

i know all the secrets in my world is by far the best physical theatre performance I have ever seen; the choreography is tight, from short routines down to the very last nuance. And importantly there is no over-acting here, and the subject matter is approached tenderly. The performers, Solomon Israel and Samuel Nicholas, mix physicality with acting perfectly, and create an entertaining performance that holds your attention. Clearly a lot of hard work has gone into this, and it pays off. Original music and excellent sound and lighting, along with a fantastic set, all helped to add to the atmosphere, although some of the static moments dragged on a little too much (and in these moments I admit that I did long for some words).

This is an original piece that you won’t you see the likes of anywhere else. The performers, and production company, Tiata Fahodzi @tiatafahodzi, are ones to watch for the future.

Reviewer: Ben Spencer

Reviewed: 24th February 2016