If you want to have a World Premiere of a new musical, Manchester is the place to come! Hot on the heels of Bat Out of Hell in 2017 and The Toyboy Diaries earlier this year, tonight Piste Off had its first public performance at the Palace Theatre. Piste Off is a musical set in PyeongChang, South Korea and follows the fortunes and love lives of the athletes competing in this sporting spectacular. Conceived by the people of Manchester for the people of Manchester I think this show has what it takes to last!

In the cast and crew Q&A after opening night of new musical Dancing Bear, Director Jamie Fletcher said, ‘Dancing Bear is queer theatre. In that, it doesn’t fit into a genre, it’s multidisciplinary and hard to put a label on it.’ To have a piece of queer theatre like Dancing Bear on a mainstream stage such as The Palace in Manchester is an absolute joy in itself.

There’s nothing like a chilling thriller to make things feel even colder on a freezing evening in February. Based on Patricia Highsmith's1950s novel, Strangers on a Train was an incredible production by an extremely talented cast.

Everyone thought it was a joke when Donald Trump announced he would running for the White House. However, nobody thought the American electorate would be stupid enough to vote this man into power. Trumpageddon is a satire of Trump’s first year as President of the United States.

Appearing on the Graham Norton BBC special, and handpicked by Adele herself, Katie Markham performs Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ song book for an eager audience of Adele fans. Being handpicked by Adele was ‘Still one of the best moments of my life’, according to Markham.

There's nothing like a good old fashioned scary story and 'The Book of Darkness and Light' is an unusual concept in these modern times: pure storytelling of ghostly, sometimes horrifying tales, set to an eerie soundtrack of live violin playing. Written and performed by Adam Z Robinson, we hear three chilling tales from The Book of Darkness and Light, the longest and most dramatic one being saved for last.

The stunning and versatile Hope Mill Theatre along with Aria Entertainment hosted the world premiere new musical Toy Boy Diaries based on the bestseller by Wendy Salisbury’s real life experience where on a skiing trip in the Swiss Alps high on alcohol she inadvertently found herself writhing naked underneath a nineteen-year-old and as a mature lady found a future desire to date toy boys.

Mental is one family’s experience of mental illness. The leading man, Kane, describes Mental as a ‘series of stories and songs’ and it is, in its simplest form, a musical representation of a son’s experiences of his mother’s bipolar disorder.

Brendan Cole is one of the only two remaining original professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing. He has mellowed since his days of being Strictly's 'bad boy' and is a firm favourite of the viewing public.

Fuelled by the desire to improve integration and encourage more people from the BAME community to access ‘art’, Adefesysian’s Truth Be Told group is an eclectic mix of people and talents.

Their current production, True Stories, is an amalgamation of spoken word, music, dance and theatrics, touching upon significant losses and realities from modern slavery to suicide through people affected by these very things.

This one-woman play, written and daringly performed by Rosie Fleeshman, was showcased last year at the Manchester Fringe Festival, when it won the award for ‘Best Spoken Word’. It has made a welcome return to the stage of Home, where Rosie played to a packed house.